Pro-Palestinian Protestors Confront Sen. Fetterman with Flags and Chants - What Happened Next Will Surprise You!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 01/27/2024
The pro-Palestinian protestors who attacked Sen. John Fetterman's (D-PA) residence on Friday night with flags and slogans received a kind response. Protesters yelled underneath Fetterman's rooftop, "Fetterman, Fetterman, you can not hide, you are aiding genocide!" in a video that was uploaded on X. It was not evident at away whether Fetterman was raising the flag personally.

Ever since the Pennsylvania Democrat said that he would back "any necessary military, intelligence, and humanitarian help to Israel," protestors have attacked him. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside Fetterman's Philadelphia office shortly after the Hamas assaults on October 7 and organized parallel demonstrations at the senator's other Pennsylvania offices. Fetterman defended Israel against charges of genocide earlier this month as the International Court of Justice got ready to hear South Africa's case.

Fetterman delivered a scathing speech in front of the Orthodox Union, asking, "Who are we? In reality, who are they fighting? They are a bunch of cowards. They take refuge in tunnels. They conceal themselves behind bystanders. They prey on, murder, and often kill youngsters. And that is what they do. Give up discussing proportions on it. They gave it their best effort on October 7th, and if they had been able to pull it off, they would have killed more people. But they were unable to succeed. Let us now discuss it as well. We are now discussing genocide. And South Africa is introducing that type of experiment right now. Given its historical background, South Africa may choose to pass on this discussion of criticism. Put it out."

In its decision on Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) "directed Israel to guarantee its forces commit no genocidal actions in Gaza and to desist from any conduct that potentially fall under the Genocide Convention." However, the court refrained from demanding an immediate cessation of hostilities, according to Reuters.

Fetterman has put up posters of the abduction victims in his D.C. office since the tragic Hamas attack on Israeli festival attendees, promising that "they will remain up until every single individual is safely returned home."


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