Governor Sununu of New Hampshire Changes Tune on Nikki Haley's NH Primary Promised Landslide

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  • 01/20/2024
Only a few days before his state's primary, Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire has retracted his forecast that Nikki Haley, the GOP presidential candidate for 2024, will easily win. According to the New Hampshire Journal, Sununu changed his prediction about a month ago that the former governor of South Carolina would win the primary in a "landslide" and is now stating that a solid second place behind Republican front-runner and former President Donald Trump would be sufficient.

The outlet stated that Trump's revised stance is in line with the current conditions in the Granite State and that, given his commanding 30-point lead over the remaining contenders in Iowa and his steady double-digit lead over Haley in the polls, he appears to be in for a successful Tuesday night.

Sununu said, "It's an absolute win," to ABC's Jonathan Karl in mid-December, shortly after backing Haley in the GOP presidential contest. There's a reset button and a victory. She will win by a wide margin if every person eligible to vote in the primary shows up and casts a ballot.

On January 3, Sununu said at a Londonderry Haley town hall, "We've got it wrapped up, people. We will prevail.

But now, according to the Journal, the governor is assuring reporters that Haley will win if she places second in the first GOP primary.

"In terms of a one-on-one race, we've already exceeded expectations," he said on Thursday to Fox News. "That's fantastic; a strong second is going to be amazing."

He continued by saying that Haley, who is now serving as Trump's UN ambassador, had "the chance to do what no one thought was possible" and alter the course of the election.

When asked on Thursday whether Haley has to win in New Hampshire, Sununu said, "It's a must-win for Trump." He is the one who essentially told everyone that the match will end in a hands-down victory.

According to my last count, Trump received around 56,000 votes in Iowa. Hell no, he said, if 56,000 votes can determine the direction of the Republican Party in America.

New from the N.H. Journal:

After two fresh surveys shown GOP front-runner Trump rising to over 50% of potential GOP primary voters in the Granite State, Sununu seems to have changed his expectations. Haley's backing is still in the mid-30s.

Haley has come under fire for canceling two planned debates with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire. She has said that she won't enter a debate until Trump consents to speak. Trump has said that the party should come together behind the previous president and declined to take part in any Republican debates.

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, a previous Republican presidential candidate, is refusing to support the former governor of his state in the race for the presidency. According to Fox News, Scott endorsed Trump on Friday and called on the Republican Party to come together in support of him.

At a rally in New Hampshire, Scott officially endorsed Trump and said, "It's time for us to unite our party so that we make sure that the only target we're talking about is firing Joe Biden." "Unifying our party behind Donald Trump is the best way for us to remove Joe Biden from office." Former GOP candidates have endorsed Trump as well.

At a rally in Indianola, Iowa, last weekend, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum teamed up with Trump to show his support for him. In addition, after a lackluster showing in the Iowa caucuses, multimillionaire biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy halted his own candidacy and backed Trump on Monday night. The next evening, Ramaswamy and Trump made an appearance together at a rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire.

Scott turned into the 26th Republican member of the House to support Trump. Ten governors and over 120 House Republicans back Trump as well, according to Fox.


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