Trump's Fiery Friday: Unleashing Wrath on Fox & Friends Co-host for Questioning Veracity

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 01/19/2024
Friday morning, Donald Trump unleashed his wrath on Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy for the gall to challenge his veracity. The ex-president made an unfounded assertion the night before, when he appeared on Hannity, that Democrats can vote in next week's Republican primary in New Hampshire.

Democrats in New Hampshire may vote in the Republican primary, according to Donald Trump, Doocy informed viewers. Yeah, that's not right. If you are not an undeclared Republican, you are required to be a registered Republican. October was the last day for Democrats to switch parties. The 6th of October. Thus, that is incorrect.

When asked about Doocy's affiliation with the Republican Party, Trump reiterated his earlier claims on Truth Social:

"Disgusting RINO Fox & Friends' Steve Doocy, who is the main reason for the show's ratings decline and general lack of interest, has now blurted out that I was mistaken about Democrats being able to vote in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. He fell into the infamous "Trump" trap, as do all others, since he was so eager to oppose me. Although Democrats were required to register by October 6, they can actually vote if they register as Independents first. No one will know the difference. As of now, 3,542 Democrats have changed their party affiliation to Undeclared, 408 to Republican (all of whom will vote), and others will come in as Liberals or Independents. Their reasoning is that they are in a state of extreme urgency to halt "Trump," as they would like to run against someone other than me, like Nikki or Ron. You can vote even if you're an independent if you're a Democrat. It's their goal to have as many Democrats as possible on the roster!

Last week in the Iowa caucuses, Trump defeated his Republican opponents Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. Because Haley has suddenly climbed in the polls, however, the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday is likely to be much tighter than expected. In a recent interview with Fox News presenter Bret Baier, the former president criticized the network, calling it "hostile."

Even though Trump writes periodic tweets, he has made more appearances on the network recently. Notably, he took part in a town hall meeting that Baier and Martha MacCallum were moderating. Trump skipped the Republican presidential debate airing on CNN that happened at the same time as the event. When compared to CNN, Trump's town hall fared far better. In addition, Fox News topped the cable news ratings in 2023 for the 22nd year in a row.


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