Mother's Extreme Punishment: Alabama Woman Makes 7-Year-Old Walk Home, Then Hits Him with Car

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  • 02/21/2024
According to authorities, a woman in Alabama had her seven-year-old walk home from school before running him over in her automobile. The administrator informed 27-year-old Sarai Rachel James that her kid had been in trouble earlier that day when she picked him up from school on February 9, according to

After halting the vehicle a short distance from the school, Ms. James instructed her son to exit the vehicle and walk home. According to reports, the home and the school are eight blocks apart.

According to reports, the kid attempted to grasp the door handle while the car was moving, but Ms. James sped up, dragging the boy under the car and running him over with the rear wheel.

His abrasions sent him to the hospital.

"It was a wonder he was not harmed more badly than he might have been," Michael Abercrombie, chief of the Boaz Police Department, said.

Mr. Abercrombie told McClatchy News that while the mother's punishment of him caused the occurrence, investigators think the mother ran him over inadvertently.

He said, "She may not have known he was doing it."

Arson of child abuse is the accusation against Ms. James, according to court documents. Her release was conditional on a $50,000 bail; it is not known whether she has hired legal counsel.

It is allegedly against the rules for her to communicate with her son.

There was also apparently a 53-year-old lady in the vehicle at the time of the event, but the police did not identify her. Her release on a $500 bail followed her accusation of harming the welfare of a kid.

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