Biden To Team Up with Obama and Clinton for Fundraiser As Support In Polls Continue to Fall

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  • 02/10/2024
Next month, in an attempt to boost contributions for his reelection campaign, President Joe Biden will be joining forces with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at a fundraiser in New York. The trio disclosed their intentions by exchanging tweets on social media.

Despite stating that it has not decided on a location, the Biden campaign is looking at bigger locations that would maximize attendance for the event, which is scheduled for March 28. This would be different from Biden's typical campaign trips, which often include smaller gatherings of contributors and supporters.

“People – On March 28, I will be in New York City to show my support for Joe Biden. Who is going to accompany me? Obama wrote on Tuesday on X, the previous Twitter platform, "Chip in for your chance to join," beside a photo of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, along with a handwritten note that said, "Let us complete the work," next to Biden's signature.

Clinton replied sarcastically, "Count me in. Who else is scheduled to attend? Then, in a lighthearted reply, Biden said, "You guys realize you can simply call me next time, right?"

The only Democratic past presidents still alive are Obama, Clinton, and Jimmy Carter; however, Carter, who is 99 years old, is receiving hospice care at his Georgia home. Rosalynn Carter died in November, and the funeral was one of the few occasions that Biden, Obama, and Clinton appeared together before the fundraiser the following month.

The announcement of the event was made the day before Biden left for three smaller fundraisers in Manhattan.

Since December, the president has increased his fundraising efforts. According to a campaign statement released on Tuesday, January saw the biggest monthly contribution amount since the campaign's April 2023 inception, shattering monthly milestones that had been achieved in December and November of the previous year.

The campaign claimed that the victory of Biden in the write-in race last month was a major factor. The Democratic primary in New Hampshire, held without official endorsement on January 23. Biden replied to the New Hampshire Democrats' violation of his newly advocated primary timeline by declining to campaign there or have his name appear on the ballot, and he still prevailed via write-in votes.

On Saturday, the Democratic primary officially began in South Carolina's primary, where the president received almost 96% of the votes cast. In Tuesday's Democratic primary in Nevada, he is also much favored against unknown opponents.

His reelection campaign "continues to exhibit strong and early activity," according to Biden deputy campaign manager Rob Flaherty, who said that this indicates that "our coalition is energized around the stakes of this race."

The president has experience with New York's extensive network of donors. He hosted two fundraisers in Manhattan last summer, one of which attracted Wall Street professionals, prior to Wednesday's festivities. In September, Biden also warned former President Donald Trump—who is leading the Republican race for 2024—that he was going to ruin the country in front of a packed Broadway theater full of celebrities and fundraisers.

The president held a fundraising gathering in the posh Bel Aire area of Los Angeles over the weekend while on a trip across California and Nevada. Moreover, Obama told supporters during a campaign fund-raising event in Henderson, Nevada, that in order for "we to claim we rescued American democracy," he needed to win reelection, assist Democrats in maintaining control of the Senate, and regain the majority in the House.

But on several of his more recent trips, Biden has been interrupted by demonstrators who feel that the administration has been supporting Israel too much in its conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Recently, Biden has been often stopped by demonstrators, including during his speech at a Virginia event advocating for the protection of abortion rights. In the meanwhile, most of his recent fundraiser appearances brought out sizable contingents of demonstrators who set up loud enough rallies to be heard from nearby locations where Biden was giving speeches.

Over $97 million was raised in the last three months of 2018 by Biden, the Democratic National Committee, and their connected organizations. As of the end of 2023, they had $117 million. They said that at this stage of the campaign, it was a record for all Democratic contenders.

After making large purchases, Trump's political organization ended the year with over $42 million, having spent over $130 million in the last few months of the previous year.


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