FCC Cracks Down on AI-Generated Robocalls: No More Voice Tricks, Scams, or Manipulations!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/08/2024
Artificial intelligence-generated voices in robocalls were prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday. This move makes it very clear that using technology to deceive voters and swindle people will not be allowed. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a 1991 statute that prohibits trash calls that employ artificial and prerecorded voice messages, targets robocalls generated using AI voice-cloning technologies, according to the AP. The majority verdict targets these calls. The statement coincides with the advancement of the probe by New Hampshire authorities into artificial intelligence (AI) produced robocalls that used President Biden's voice to dissuade voters from casting ballots in the state's first-ever primary last month.

The rule takes effect right now and gives the FCC the authority to penalize businesses that employ artificial intelligence (AI) voices in their calls or to stop serving service providers who do. According to the FCC, it also provides state attorneys general with a new tool to take action against offenders and allows call receivers to initiate cases. The leader of the organization, Jessica Rosenworcel, claims that "bad actors are utilizing AI-generated voices in unwanted robocalls to extort vulnerable family members, impersonate celebrities, and misinform voters." "We are admonishing the con artists responsible for these automated calls."

According to the FCC, those who violate the legislation may be subject to severe penalties, which may total more than $23,000 per call. Additionally, callers have the legal right to sue and maybe get up to $1,500 in damages for each undesired call. Rosenworcel said that the commission began investigating the possibility of outlawing robocalls with artificial intelligence voices due to an increase in these kinds of calls. According to Rosenworcel, "this danger is already present," despite the fact that audio recordings that effectively mimic humans using artificial intelligence appear "like something from the far-off future." "We believed that the moment to act was now since we may all be the victims of these phony calls."


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