Republican Legislators Losing Interest in Impeaching President Biden, Lack Votes?

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/03/2024
After months of research, Republican legislators are apparently losing interest in the possibility of impeaching President Joe Biden. A Republican legislator told CNN, "We do not have the votes right now."

According to CNN, no significant decision is anticipated before to Hunter and James Biden's depositions. Still, there is a growing perception in the Capitol that, with their razor-thin majority, Republicans may not be able to force through an impeachment.

There is not any concrete proof from lawmakers that President Joe Biden has acted improperly. Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, one of the prominent witnesses for the GOP, concurred, saying that "the present evidence" did not support Biden's impeachment.

If House conservatives were unable to remove Biden from office—something that former President Donald Trump has long coveted—they would undoubtedly incur political peril. Despite senior officials promoting this story for months, Republicans would also find themselves in the politically awkward position of basically stating that Biden had not passed the standard for misconduct.

A few legislators told CNN that they had yet to get the final report from the committees overseeing the Bidens' probes. On a party-line vote in December, MPs officially designated the separate probes as "impeachment inquiries." The extensive investigation involves the participation of the House Judiciary, Ways & Means, and Oversight Committees.

"I have not seen anything. Actually, I do not see anything. I am aware of what others say. Representative Mike Kelly, a Republican from Pennsylvania, said CNN, "And I follow the news."


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