Nikki Haley Stays "Defiant" After Setback Against Trump - Eyes on White House

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  • 02/27/2024
Even though she lost a significant contributor, Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential candidate, is "defiant" going into Tuesday's primary in Michigan, according to the Wall Street Journal, after suffering a "blowout defeat" to former President Trump. Haley tells the newspaper that she would keep pursuing the White House because "I am acting in a way that I believe is appropriate." I am carrying out the wishes, in my opinion, of 70% of Americans."

According to the Journal, the former governor of South Carolina is referring to that statistic in light of recent research that indicates seven out of ten Americans would prefer anything other than a Trump-Biden showdown in November. In an interview with USA Today on Sunday, Haley essentially repeated what she had stated before, caution against voting in areas where primaries had already taken place.

"40% of Republican voters have rejected Donald Trump if you look at the early states," the speaker said. "It is not good for the Republican Party if you are the Republican technical incumbent." According to polls taken as early as Tuesday morning, Trump was leading Haley by more than fifty points in Michigan. On March 5, Super Tuesday, when contests from more than a dozen states will take place, Haley has pledged to remain in the campaign at least until then. Additionally, she is working hard, stumping in Michigan (Trump has not visited the state since February 17) and organizing future trips to Colorado, Utah, Virginia, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. According to the AP, she has the greatest chance of winning in Michigan in Democratic strongholds like Wayne County, which is home to Detroit.

Haley warns of the consequences if voters choose Trump against her advice, telling USA Today that he has "converted the Republican Party into his own personal playpen." She tells the Journal, "You have to see the hole in the ship, and you have to see the writing on the wall." "And we are all going down if you do not spot the hole in the ship."

Haley adds that she has no hidden agenda when she runs. She tells USA Today, "I am not doing this to be vice president." "My goal is not to run as a third-party candidate. This has nothing to do with my political career. My genuine motivation is my love for America. Additionally, I am concerned about the children of everyone, including myself." As for President Biden, he has his own issues and is running uncontested in Michigan.


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