Kamala Harris: 'I'm Ready to Serve' Amid GOP's Focus on VP's Readiness after Special Counsel's Report

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/12/2024
The Wall Street Journal posed what it terms a "delicate question" to Vice President Kamala Harris about the campaign, days before a special counsel's report exposed President Biden's old age: Does she need to persuade voters that she is "ready to serve" as president? "I am prepared to help. 

"That is a given," she said, stressing that everyone who observes her at work "leaps away completely aware of my potential to lead." By the conclusion of his second term, Biden, who is now 81 years old, will be the oldest president in US history. Democrats, including Harris, 59, have retaliated over Robert Hur's portrayal of Biden as a "elderly guy with a weak memory."

According to Forbes, Harris referred to the special counsel's comments as "inappropriate" and politically motivated at a White House event on Friday, citing her own experience as a prosecutor. According to The Hill, Harris said the Republicans "had nothing to run on" when they brought up Biden's age in her criticism of them last month. 

Hur's report is certain to intensify assaults on the vice president by Republicans, who see Harris as even less popular than Biden and more leftist. GOP strategist Scott Jennings tells the Journal that "she could be the top issue in the race."

Nonetheless, proponents of abortion rights believe that Harris is the most qualified candidate to win over young, progressive, and minority voters to the Democratic ticket. 

She has discussed her work as a prosecutor with victims of sexual assault and the impact of the stringent abortion restrictions put in place after Roe v. Wade was overturned while focusing on abortion rights throughout the campaign. Hours after discussing how difficult it would be for a rape victim in the state to have an abortion, she told the Journal in an interview last week, "This stuff should not live in the shadows." Women should not discuss these topics, therefore when we don't, people suffer.


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