Failed Execution Attempt in Idaho: Serial Murderer's Lethal Injection Stalled

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/28/2024
Idaho made an attempt at its first execution in over a decade on Wednesday. Things did not go as planned. The medical team's inability to set up an IV line caused them to abandon the almost hour-long effort to execute 73-year-old serial murderer Thomas Eugene Creech via lethal injection, according to prison authorities.

In an email correspondence with the Idaho Statesman, the Idaho Department of Correction said that Creech "will be returned to his cell and witnesses will be removed out of the institution." "The death warrant will thereafter expire. The state will think about what to do next.

Attorneys for Creech said that the team made ten efforts to locate a vein in his arms and legs so that pentobarbital could be injected; Josh Tewalt, the director of corrections, claims that eight tries were made at locations in Creech's arms, legs, hands, and feet. According to Tewalt, they either could not get to the vein or could, but they were concerned about its quality.

According to CBS News, they said in a statement, "We are angry but not shocked that the State of Idaho mishandled the execution of Thomas Creech today." "This is what occurs when someone designated to carry out an execution is an unknown person with unknown training." They said that, "despite a well-known history of obtaining medications from dubious sources, this is exactly the type of incident we warned the state and the courts may happen while trying to execute one of the country's longest death-row convicts under conditions totally cloaked in secret."


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