Texas Troopers Arrest 15 Illegal Immigrants for 'Criminal Trespass' near Shelby Park: Gov. Abbott Takes Action at Border

Due to criminal trespass near Eagle Pass, Texas State Troopers on Saturday detained fifteen undocumented immigrants. The detentions took place just outside Shelby Park, where Governor Greg Abbott removed Biden's border officers and put in state officials in order to maintain border security during the unprecedented problem of illegal immigration.

El Salvador and Nicaragua were the countries of origin of the people detained. They have all been taken to prison, where they will be incarcerated until the end of the legal process. According to Lt. Chris Olivarez, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, each of them may spend up to a year in prison if found guilty of the allegations.

Texas's attempts to protect the US-Southern border from unauthorized immigrants are at the center of a developing conflict between the state and the Biden administration.

In the last several years, Governor Abbott (R) has been formulating measures to secure the border by working around the open border policies of the Biden administration, which are to blame for the current problem.

The newly enacted statute, which empowers all Texas law enforcement officers to detain foreign nationals who have entered the country unlawfully, is one of the proposals. This new policy gave Texas State Troopers the authority to detain and arrest these illegal immigrants for the felony of being in the state unlawfully.

The Texas National Guard took over Shelby Park, a major Eagle Pass location where illegal immigrants enter the country across the Rio Grande River, in January by deploying armed troops. In an effort to protect the president's open border, Texas filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, which the court ultimately dismissed. Gov. Abbott, however, asserted his refusal to cede control of his state to the federal government and cited the US Constitution's invasion clause.

The number of unlawful crossings in the region has decreased from thousands to three or four per day on average since Abbott sent out Texas guardsmen and drove away Biden's federal agents.


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