Johnson's God Speech Ruffles Republican Feathers: 'Not Preaching at Church'; Speaker's Religious Rally Falls Flat

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/22/2024
It is hardly surprising that the speaker of the House, a Republican, would head a retreat for the GOP intended to talk about preserving and growing the majority in the chamber. Some who attended the Miami event last weekend could not understand Mike Johnson's address because, as Politico reports, it took on a "very religious tone."

According to those accounts, Johnson—a Christian—at one point attempted to energise the gathering by discussing the moral degradation in the US, using biblical passages, and asserting that individuals without God in their life get dependent on the "state."

There were others in the crowd who found Johnson's words offensive, according to Raw Story. One participant told Politico, "I am not at church," and called the talk "awful."

Another said that while they understood Johnson's goal of "bringing us together," he "failed on the execution of it" because the sermon was too lengthy to convey the point.

Johnson "is certainly the most blatant theocrat to hold a spot in the presidential line of succession in two centuries," according to Charles Pierce writing for Esquire, and there are incidences to support that claim.

Previous instances of Johnson using religious allusions in public include his claim that God had appointed him to be a speaker and his comparison of himself to Moses. Additionally, he used to present church seminars where he pushed the notion that the US is a "Christian country."


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