Kansas AG Directs Public Schools to Inform Parents of Children's Gender Identities

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/09/2024
According to the AP, the attorney general of Kansas is instructing public schools to inform parents if their children identify as transgender or non-binary, even if they have not disclosed this information at home. It is worth noting that Kansas does not have a specific law mandating this practice. 

Kris Kobach, a Republican, argues that not informing parents when a child is socially transitioning or identifying as non-binary at school infringes upon parental rights.. This comes after his previous success in temporarily preventing Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly's administration from updating the sex listings on transgender people's birth certificates and driver's licenses to align with their gender identities. It is also indicative of a growing pattern among GOP attorneys general who are asserting their influence in cultural conflicts, even in the absence of a specific state law.

In December, he reached out to six school districts and the state association for local school board members through letters. He later reinforced his message with a public statement. 

On Thursday, four districts in northeast Kansas failed to revise their policies. The Kansas attorney general's letters to superintendents of three Kansas City-area districts, Topeka's superintendent, and the Kansas Association of School Boards expressed concerns about their alleged embrace of a particular ideology related to gender. His letters failed to address the potential actions to be taken if teachers and administrators were not explicitly mandated to disclose information about transgender and non-binary students.


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