Koch Family's Lobbying Group Pulls Support from Nikki Haley, Republican Presidential Nominee

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/26/2024
The rich Koch family's lobbying organization for libertarian policies, "Americans for Prosperity Action," has announced that it is rescinding its financial support for Nikki Haley, the Republican nominee for president.

Executive Director of Americans For Prosperity (AFP), Emily Seidel, stated on Sunday that the organization's policy arm had determined it was time to "take stock" of its campaign spending in response to the former governor of South Carolina's performance in her home state's primary on Saturday, where she fell short of Republican front-runner former President Donald Trump by roughly 20 percent of the vote. Three of South Carolina's delegates went to Ms. Haley, while 47 went to President Trump.

While AFP Action "stands solid" in supporting Nikki Haley, Ms. Seidel said in a note to staff (pdf) that it is time to "take stock of where we are and—as we always do—make sure we are utilizing our resources for greatest effect towards our objectives."

In a clear recognition of President Trump's overwhelming support from the majority of voters in the primary, she said that the organization will now focus on contested Senate and House contests "where we can make the difference." In a South Carolina presidential primary on February 24, President Trump's performance set a record for the most votes of any presidential candidate from any party.

According to Ms. Seidel, "we do not think any outside organization can make a meaningful impact to broaden her route to victory, given the hurdles in the primary states ahead."

She wished Ms. Haley luck and complimented her on being a “special leader with conviction, commitment, and steel in her spine to plunge into a challenging race with a limited path.” The PAC will continue to “wholeheartedly support” Ms. Haley's presidential campaign.

The letter said, "Americans deserve a candidate for president who can offer bold answers to major issues and who brings out the best in our nation."

Vivek Ramaswamy, a previous GOP contender who withdrew from the contest last week noting his unambiguous support for former President Trump during the early GOP primaries, chastised AFP last week, questioning why AFP Action was supporting Ms. Haley and opposed President Trump. At the time, he said "I believe it is really sad that the network has thrown its support behind a candidate who does not even stand for the ideas that they profess to reflect."

Over the decision, Mr. Ramaswamy had said that AFP personnel had defected from the PAC to the pro-DeSantis PAC "Never Back Down." He praised Chris Maidment, one of these employees who was let go by AFP due to remarks he made in reaction to Haley's support.

"Nikki Haley's position on [AFP's] foreign policy is completely misguided. On December 1, 2023, Mr. Maidment distanced himself from the endorsement in a post on X, saying, "She is anti-free expression."

Despite not having a clear route to success, Ms. Haley has pledged to continue running for office in the lead-up to Super Tuesday on March 5. In downtown Charleston, Ms. Haley said, "I am not giving up this battle when a majority of Americans disapprove of Donald Trump and Joe Biden," upon the announcement of the presidential contest.

According to national polls, Ms. Haley is 61 percentage points behind the former president. Federal records indicate that a significant portion of the funding for her campaign has come from anti-Trump billionaires.


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