Survey Says: Majority of Poll Voters Believe Biden is Too Old for Re-election

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/22/2024
According to the most recent Quinnipiac University survey, a significant majority of Americans believe that President Biden is too elderly to serve another term in office, yet they still choose him over Donald Trump by a 4-point edge. In a hypothetical head-to-head battle, the survey placed 81-year-old Biden ahead of 77-year-old Trump 49% to 45%; this is a decrease from a 6-point edge in the Quinnipiac poll from last month.

Including other contenders, Biden led Trump by barely one point, with Robert F. Kennedy at 15%. Should Biden and the 52-year-old Nikki Haley compete in a head-to-head hypothetical contest, the former would win 46% to 43%. While 41% of respondents said Trump was too elderly to hold office for another term, 67% of respondents felt Biden was too old.

In terms of cerebral and physical health, poll respondents rated Trump far higher than Biden; nevertheless, Biden performed better when it came to questions on temperament and ethics.

29% of respondents thought Trump was unethical, while 49% of respondents said Biden was. Furthermore, 49% of respondents thought that Biden, as opposed to 37% who believed Trump, had the temperament and charisma necessary to lead the country well. Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac analyst, writes that "a Biden-Trump split choice on physical and emotional condition leaves both appearing vulnerable." "Yes, Trump easily wins the age and stamina debate, but people are more certain of Biden's ability to relate to them and his emotional stability to lead."

Politico notes that Haley has attacked both Biden and Trump for being older than they are, but it does not seem to have affected GOP primary voters: Eighty percent of Republican and Republican-leaning people support Trump winning the nomination, according to the survey. Foreign policy was another topic the Quinnipiac pollsters questioned about.

Republicans were more inclined to approve increased funding for Israel (44%), whereas 56% of respondents favored increasing military aid to Ukraine (Democrats were more likely to support this). Trump recently said that he would support Russia in doing "whatever the heck they want" and that he would not defend NATO partners that failed to fulfill budget commitments. Approximately 71% of those surveyed thought it was a terrible idea, including 39% of Republicans.


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