Man's Viral X (Previously Twitter) Post on Divorce Due to Lack of Intimacy Ignites Online Debate

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  • 02/21/2024
A man's X (previously Twitter) post about divorcing his wife for withholding sex went viral. He said they had only broken twice in two years. On Saturday (February 17), X's Tim Hicks tweeted about his prior marriage's problems, sparking a heated discussion. Hicks revealed in his viral X outburst that he “lost [his] virginity at 27 and was lousy with women.” He added his “marriage deteriorated because [he] didn’t know what to do.”

Hicks responded to a discussion by another male X user pasting a Reddit screenshot reading, “I have been cheating on her for the last 3 years.” The male user captioned the screenshot, “This happens to so many males. I know a man going through it who refuses to cheat and is constantly furious with his wife and family. I advised him to find a release to be a better father and spouse. Even one-time business travels will do.”

A female X user replied, “Because emotional connection and sex aren’t the same thing. Emotional connection should have preceded sex. Sex is a privilege.”

Hicks said, “Reminds me of another group of women that weaponize sex against patriarchy. No difference between feminism and this. Think closely about a guy who claimed, ‘Living under my home or profiting from my job is a privilege.’ What would you reply?

Why does one guy get sex for free and another just on condition? This is the red pill's core. Men must satisfy restrictions to have sex with one woman, while other women do not. Why? This guy does not realize he should not negotiate for sex. He understands his value and strength when he knows. Pilled red. Men may wander if their wife limits intimacy and their partner does not.

He said, “A guy who understands his value is attractive. Woman know and flock to it. Men prefer marriages without sex trade. Mutual attraction and desire. There will be times neither of you wants sex, but exploiting it to get cooperation is wrong.”

Hicks said, “Stop placing sex requirements on your spouse. You craved him—where is your insatiable lust? You courted him with sex. Has he lost his appeal? Does he not do housework? Stop offering him sex exclusively for favorable behaviors. He is no dog.”

The viral guy confirmed that he divorced his wife for withholding sex and gave a forceful confirmation. He claimed he would never negotiate sex in a marriage again. My divorce was due to that. Because you withhold sex until he obeys, men are unhappy. A private hell. Honey, you are out if something happens to me. Too many women provide sex without conditions.”

He said, “‘Will you take care of the kids, the home, the dishes?’” Doing that does not get me laid. Compliance at the expense of your sex will hurt you.”

One female X user responded to Hicks' statements, “‘Negotiate sex in a marriage’ — this is a horrible use of words because if you don’t negotiate, what are you doing ‘taking’ or ‘stealing’? “Is that...R@pe?”

Hicks admitted, “There it is. No, not r@pe. A lady who gave sex freely and cheerfully at the start of the relationship stopped for whatever reason. Remove that s*** off my timeline. I had sex twice in my final two years of marriage.Ladies, I am discussing marriage sexlessness. If you use ‘r@pe’, you want a battle, not an answer. If your marriage involves rape or abuse, notify the police and leave. F**k. “

Hicks said, “Many females replied in this tweet: ‘If you had done better, she would have been better.’ As agreed. Did not step up when required. Marriage is also 50/50. It also raises the age-old agency issue for women. Women asking males to ‘man up’ to salvage the marriage vs. praising women for leaving. No appreciation for men, only "he was a horrible spouse."

He said, "You simply need to be a better guy for your wife." A good point. A guy who rises his level and imposes limits will require a queen, thus women, step up if the man wants to improve. The difficulty is that. Ladies, you can not acquire a decent guy without improving yourself.


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