Osbourne vs West: A Rock Legend's Stand Against 'Anti-Semitism'

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  • 02/10/2024
Ozzy Osbourne, an aging British rock star, has said that he told Kanye West not to use a Black Sabbath sample, labeling the contentious rapper as a "anti-Semite." Ye, West's new alias, recently expressed regret to the Jewish community for a slew of hurtful remarks.

At his album listening party last night, Osbourne said, "Ye went ahead and used the sample anyhow. I WANT NO ASSOCIATION WITH THIS MAN!" Sharon, Osbourne's spouse, is Jewish. She told TMZ on Friday, "Kanye f**ked with the wrong Jew this time," and said that she and Ozzy had sent the rapper a stop and desist letter. 

The British group's most commercially successful song, "Iron Man," was released in 1970. Its powerful guitar riff helped define the sound of heavy metal for many years to come. Ye used a clip of the song in the "Carnival" track on his most recent album, "Vultures."

Ye released the album on Thursday in Chicago. However, the 24-time Grammy Award winner's statement, "I am still insane, bipolar, anti-Semite," caused the event's live webcast to end.

Ye's outburst was a significant change from December, when he removed every Instagram post he had made except for a formal, Hebrew-language apology to "the Jewish community." Ye acknowledged that his words or actions may have caused "any 'unintended eruption,'" and he pledged to "make atonement and promote harmony" in the statement.

In 2022, the rapper made an announcement on Instagram that he was going "death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE," which presumably alludes to "Defcon 3" on the US military's preparedness scale. This announcement marked the beginning of the rapper's problems with the Jewish community. Ye then made an appearance on Infowars, where he told presenter Alex Jones that he "likes Hitler" and accused "the Jewish media" of damaging the Nazis' image. 

Following a series of similar outbursts, which included a social media post that showed a Swastika entwined with a Star of David, Ye found himself banned from most major social media sites and had a lucrative sponsorship agreement with Adidas terminated. Reactivation of his X account occurred last summer.


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