Russian President Vladimir Putin Gifts North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un a Car, Violating UN Resolution

As a token of their unique bond, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave North Korean President Kim Jong Un a personal automobile, according to a Tuesday report from North Korea's official media. The report did not specify the kind of vehicle or the method of shipment.

However, experts warned that it would go against a UN resolution that forbids giving opulent goods to North Korea in an effort to put pressure on the regime to give up its nuclear arsenal. The AP reported on this. Kim Yo Jong, Kim's sister, received the present on Sunday along with another North Korean official, and she thanked Putin on behalf of her brother, according to the Korean Central News Agency. According to the story, Kim Yo Jong said that the present demonstrated the unique personal bond between the leaders.

Since Kim visited Russia in September of last year to meet with Putin, North Korea and Russia have greatly increased their collaboration. Kim stayed in the backseat of Putin's personal Aurus Senat vehicle, which he displayed to the North Korean leader during their visit to Russia's primary spaceport.

Putin's motorcades have included Aurus vehicles since he first used one at his inauguration ceremony in 2018, according to Russia's state-run Tass news agency. Aurus was the country's first premium automobile brand. Kim, 40, is well-known for owning several expensive automobiles manufactured elsewhere that are allegedly brought into his nation illegally in violation of the UN resolution.


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