Putin: Non-Traditional Gender Orientations Welcome in Russia, with a Caveat; Don't Touch The Kids

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/21/2024
President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that those who identify as non-traditional sexual orientations are welcome in Russia as long as they do not harass minors or show off their choices.

The Russian government-sponsored Agency of Strategic Initiatives hosts the annual "Strong Ideas for a New Time" symposium, where the president gave the speech.

When it comes to individuals who have non-traditional sexual orientations, we are rather accepting. Simply put, we do not show it off and we do not think it is appropriate to do so. Allow adults to live their lives as they see fit. In essence, there are very few laws that restrict the LGBTQ population in this nation, according to Putin, who said, "Nobody restricts them in anything."

Russia has progressively strengthened its laws in the last several years to stop the spread of what it refers to as "LGBT ideology." When it became illegal for children to distribute such material, the campaign got underway in 2013.

December 2022 saw the introduction of new law that strengthened the prohibition by imposing significant penalties on anybody found guilty of encouraging transgenderism, pedophilia, or "non-traditional sexual interactions" among adults and adolescents equally.

The Russian Supreme Court declared the "world LGBT public movement" to be radical and banned it late last year. Due to the movement's alleged involvement in “incitements of social and religious discord” and vague “extremist traits,” the Russian Justice Ministry filed a case asking the highest court to impose the ban.

Numerous rights organizations in the West have strongly opposed the radical categorization, claiming that it is "absurd" and ambiguous and that it has had a "catastrophic" impact on the LGBTQ population in Russia. When a group is included on Russia's list of "extremist groups," all of its related symbols and activities are essentially prohibited.


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