Republicans in Pennsylvania Mulling Mail-In Voting Amidst Trump Opposition

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  • Source: Yahoo News
  • 02/23/2024
Republicans in Pennsylvania are thinking of implementing mail-in voting, something that former President Donald Trump is against. Republicans are increasingly worried about Democrats' ability to get votes via mail-in ballots, which will be a crucial element in the 2020 presidential election.

While some in the party, including Trump, have pushed for restrictions on the practice because to concerns about fraud, others want to expand its use. Republicans in Pennsylvania want to take the lead in pushing other Republicans to adopt the practice.

Republican leaders told Reuters that they are trying to gather $8 million to support a campaign of education to encourage more Republicans to vote by mail.

Republican Dave White, who is assisting in the drive's organization, told the publication that "we simply can not allow Democrats continue to have this edge if we want to win."

Even though Trump is not a huge fan of the practice, it is not being carried out behind his back. Prominent Trump supporter Jim Worthington, a businessman, is part of the initiative and claims to have had direct conversations with the president about it.

I have informed him that 75% of the state's Republicans would support postal ballots if he comes out in favor of them. He continued, "I have received assurances that Trump and his staff would support mail-in votes.

One of Trump's Pennsylvania leadership team members, Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA), has also assumed a leading position in the project. President Joe Biden won Pennsylvania in 2020 thanks in large part to mail-in ballots, which brought in 1,995,691 votes to Trump's 595,538. Biden prevailed by a mere 2%.


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