George Santos Seeks $750,000 from Jimmy Kimmel After TV Prank Backfires

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/18/2024
Producing customized movies at Cameo is bringing in a healthy income for George Santos. Now, with Jimmy Kimmel's help, he hopes to reap a similar fortune. Since Kimmel happily tricked Santos with fictitious video requests and showed them on his program, the ejected lawmaker has filed a lawsuit against the late-night entertainer for at least $750,000.

In his "Will Santos Say It?" segment, for instance, Kimmel used a fictitious user profile to have Santos congratulate a lady on cloning her schnauzer, Adolf. According to NBC News, Santos is suing for fraud, breach of contract, and copyright infringement.

ABC and Disney are named as defendants in the complaint filed in US District Court of the Southern District of New York, according to the AP. Kimmel allegedly placed 14 video requests using "phony identities and tales," according to Santos.

Kimmel has not yet responded, but in the past, he remarked that this kind of litigation would be a "dream come true." In an interview with the Post, Santos mentioned that to them, saying, "Jimmy... here's to making dreams come true." "I hope you find pleasure in perusing your much anticipated fraud lawsuit."


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