Surprising Twist in Nevada Primary: Nikki Haley Emerges as Winner Amidst Controversy

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/07/2024
Preliminary results from a state-organized Nevada primary election show that, with two-thirds of the ballots tabulated, US presidential candidate Nikki Haley has the backing of slightly more than 30% of Republican voters who are registered voters.

More than 60% of voters selected the "none of these candidates" option as front-runner Donald Trump was not included on the ballot. Nevertheless, Haley was proclaimed the winner in compliance with state law.

On Thursday night, the GOP will separately have a party caucus, where all 26 state delegates are anticipated to support Trump. The Republican leadership said it would stick with the caucus system for selecting nominees and rejected Nevada's 2021 plan to have primary elections for both parties. According to US media, the two-trek choice puzzled a number of GOP supporters since they could not see Trump's name on the ballot.

According to Haley's spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas, the campaign minimized the result and claimed that Haley did not run for office in Nevada because the whole process was "rigged for Trump." Trump responded on his Truth Social platform on Tuesday, calling it a "terrible night" for Haley and predicting that "she will soon claim triumph."

Though mostly symbolic, Nevadans' rejection of Haley's candidacy proved to be the most recent setback for the former governor of South Carolina. It was the first time a US presidential contender has ever lost to an unlisted opponent, and it was her third straight defeat in an early-state primary. Haley had placed second in New Hampshire and third in Iowa before. against February 24, she will take against Trump in her own state.

President Joe Biden, who is now in office, received over 90% of the Democratic vote. Approximately 150,000 voters participated in the two primary elections by mail-in or in person, representing 13% of the total electorate, according to the office of Nevada State Secretary Francisco Aguilar.


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