Teen Swatter Extradited to Florida: California Juvenile Faces Felony Charges for Mosque Swatting Scam

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/01/2024
Law enforcement authorities claim that a 17-year-old California juvenile is responsible for hundreds of bomb threats and swatting offenses. The Guardian reports that Alan Filion was extradited to Florida this week. 

His accusations in Seminole County include three felonies related to last year's swatting of a mosque, according to WOFL, where he appeared before a court on Wednesday. About thirty law enforcement personnel visited the Masjid Al Hayy Mosque as a result of the scam. The caller informed dispatchers that he was headed to the mosque to carry out a "mass massacre in the name of Satan" while playing the sound of gunshots in the background.

The individual who was making the phone calls about fictitious assaults on mosques, historically black institutions and universities, high schools, federal agents, and US senators and the Supreme Court was the target of several agency pursuits. 

Court documents reveal that identities associated with The Lord of the Rings, Discord conversations, and a YouTube channel all played a part in the investigation that resulted in Filion, according to Wired. Officials report that in 2021 he started making the calls. Filion entered a not guilty plea and is being detained without bail; he will face an adult trial. 

According to CNN, his lawyer refused to comment on the matter. Here, Wired deconstructs the digital quest.


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