The Political Establishment Is Afraid Of Trump Returning To the WH Because He Will Seek To Settle Scores

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  • 02/14/2024
There has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the potential implications of a second Trump presidency, with some speculating that it may be characterized by a desire for retribution. Trump's Republican primary opponents have raised concerns that if re-elected, Trump might prioritize personal matters over addressing important issues. On the flip side, certain individuals with opposing political perspectives have attempted to persuade others that any form of "retribution" would portray President Trump as a dictator. We will explore the deeper significance of that statement at a later point. However, both narratives have clear shortcomings that are easily recognizable.

The media has been actively attempting to shape Trump's statements to fit their portrayal of him as an authoritarian figure. Trump has demonstrated his sharp political acumen, expressing his unwavering commitment to securing victory in the election and achieving success as his ultimate validation. It is evident that attaining success and undoing detrimental Biden policies, similar to what occurred after the Obama administration, would be a form of justice. Regardless of the politically nuanced criticism from his "fellow" Republicans or gaslighting from mainstream leftists, the truth remains unchanged. The significance of addressing concerns surrounding Trump's actions and policies cannot be understated.

Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley were among the Republican figures who strongly emphasized the need to address the urgent concerns. DeSantis has voiced his apprehension about the potential nomination of Trump, as it could shift the election's focus towards legal matters, criminal trials, and the events of January 6. This raises questions about the potential impact on individuals who may have faced consequences for their association with Trump, such as the January 6 prisoners who are still in jail or Douglass Mackey, who received a seven-month prison sentence for a meme he had shared five years ago. The matter of justice for these individuals is called into question.

Haley, despite facing consistent losses in primary elections, including a distant second place in Nevada to "None of These Candidates," consistently emphasizes the perceived "dysfunction" associated with Trump. It seems that she holds him responsible for being the target of what she perceives as clear political persecution.

Both individuals demonstrated a clear misunderstanding of the seriousness of our government's recent militarization. Trump's entry into politics began as a subject of mockery, but it has now transformed into a string of impeachments, indictments, ballot removals, arrests, and possibly more unforeseen developments leading up to November. These concerns hold great weight, and any candidate who dismisses them either lacks an appreciation for the significance of voter concerns or intentionally chooses to ignore them for personal benefit. Both explanations are not up to par.

It is disconcerting that Republicans are dismissing or failing to recognize these attacks as significant issues. Nevertheless, the Democrats' most recent and remarkably contradictory instance of gaslighting is quite worrisome. TV panels with a more academically inclined viewpoint often express firm opposition to the notion of Trump prosecuting his political adversaries. Indeed, it is intriguing how they neglect to acknowledge that Biden and his associates have already set a precedent for this. Their ability to maintain a serious demeanor during their TV segments is truly remarkable. However, beneath their dramatic facade, what they truly fear is not "retribution," but rather facing consequences, and perhaps with valid justification.

Joe Biden has presided over a government that has been subject to criticism for its perceived overreach and potential disregard for constitutional principles. The former (and potentially current) boss, Barack Hussein Obama, implemented this strategy of American politicking by granting authorization to his FBI to carry out surveillance on an incoming president, a plan orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Nancy Pelosi failed to prioritize the implementation of sufficient security measures before January 6, placing more emphasis on optics rather than ensuring adequate protection. Consequently, many Americans have been deprived of their constitutional right to due process. Following that, a January 6th Select Committee emerged, revealing evident bias and more recently, its questionable ethical conduct has come to light. Considering various factors and their strategic messaging, it is understandable that they are highlighting the idea of retribution to convince the American public that any consequences they face would be a sign of an authoritarian regime. How interesting.

No matter how hard they try, the truth remains unaltered. It is expected that a president fulfills the responsibilities of the President of the United States with unwavering commitment, safeguarding and upholding the Constitution of the United States to the best of their capabilities. The presidential oath is deliberately designed to be flexible, enabling every president to adjust to the unique challenges they face throughout their tenure. Citizens rely on the president to discern and successfully address these challenges.

Lincoln tackled the issue of slavery and successfully managed the challenges of the Civil War, while FDR fearlessly confronted the threat posed by Hitler and skillfully guided the nation through World War II. Reagan, however, confronted the challenges of the Cold War and the USSR. The examples could go on. A new dispute has arisen within the United States, as certain individuals have utilized their influence for personal benefit. It is crucial to hold those responsible for these harmful acts against Trump, and by extension the United States, accountable. This is not a distraction, nor is it an exercise of dictatorial power.

Similar to his predecessors, Trump would have a duty to tackle the matter of government weaponization. It is crucial for Trump to recognize these issues, as he has shown worry that they will continue indefinitely if not addressed. Ignoring them would be a dereliction of his duties.

The meaning of retribution in political terms can often be ambiguous. So, if Trump were to return to office, how might we expect his approach to addressing this? Last year, he made a bold statement, expressing his commitment to advocate for others, to ensure fairness for those who have been wronged and misled, and to pursue justice for their pain. When asked by Glenn Beck about the potential for imprisoning individuals, Trump replied by asserting that there is no alternative, as he perceives that others are already engaging in similar actions towards us. Furthermore, in his post-New Hampshire victory speech, Trump highlighted an address by Nikki Haley to her Democrat supporters, characterizing it as a contrived celebration of finishing in last place. Trump claimed, "I do not experience anger." I desire retribution. Trump, a keen advocate for fairness in the business realm, acknowledges the importance of addressing and rectifying any misconduct to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

If Trump fulfills his constitutional duty in this regard, he will avoid utilizing the government for the purpose of seeking retribution or settling personal grievances, a behavior that Biden has faced allegations of. Contrary to popular belief, his main objective is to tackle the widespread corruption in government that has been a persistent issue in America for many years. He frequently describes this as a gauge of achievement.

Despite what the media may suggest, there is no evidence to support the claim that Trump intends to target journalists, the media, or any political opponent who has criticized him. Instead, his main priority will be to protect America from both foreign and domestic threats, as is customary for all presidents, while adhering to the law and fulfilling his duties as president. It is essential for every American, regardless of their candidate preference or political affiliation, to demand this from their commander in chief.


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