The Unstoppable Rise of Donald Trump: A Party's Favorite Despite All Odds

In the South Carolina presidential primary, President Donald Trump secured a resounding victory thanks to Republican voters. In the state's fourth and last early primary, on February 24, the former president showed his dominance over Republican voters by beating former governor Nikki Haley by 20 percentage points.

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) effectively waved a white flag over the Haley campaign, of which he had been a prominent supporter, declaring that "the people spoke for Trump."

At the very least, Ms. Haley intends to go on with her presidential campaign until Super Tuesday, March 5, when 15 states will have their presidential primaries. However, Mr. Norman's judgment is supported by the resounding support for President Trump in South Carolina, which builds on the momentum created in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Nothing will prevent the party from choosing its favorite son, not even legal disputes, aging, hurtful remarks on social media, or the results of past elections.

According to exit surveys, 67% of Trump's supporters thought his legal issues were unimportant, and 61% said he would still be qualified to serve in office even if found guilty of a crime. One of the most significant discoveries made by the exit pollsters may be that, prior to this primary, Republican voters were essentially unconvinced.

Before they ever went to the polls, the majority of Republican voters had already made up their minds. More than a month before the election, almost two thirds of Trump supporters had already made up their minds.

The search for a dozen Republican contenders whose last name is not "Trump" and a significant portion of Republican and independent votes in the GOP presidential contest seems to be in vain if the attitudes of Republican voters are typically similar to those of South Carolinians.

Republicans seem to be impervious to any evidence that suggests otherwise—they want Donald Trump and nobody else but Donald Trump. There is not a single Republican contender to Donald Trump, according to voters.


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