The Wayne Dupree Show Joins Uniting Conservative Voices Amidst Social Media Bans!

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  • 02/12/2024
The Wayne Dupree Show, hosted by conservative radio host Wayne Dupree, will now be joining as one of its featured shows. This move comes after many social media platforms, including Twitter and YouTube, have banned or restricted Dupree's content due to his conservative views. is a new social media platform created by Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow. It was launched in April 2021 and aims to provide a space for free speech and open discussions without censorship or political bias.
With over 2-4 million listeners every month, The Wayne Dupree Show has become a leading voice in conservative talk radio. On his show, Dupree discusses current events, politics, and interviews notable guests from the world of politics and entertainment with his long time friend Hutch Bailie Jr, host of Cold War Radio on and Jason Robertson, founder of The American Tribune.
Dupree's addition to adds to the platform's goal of providing a diverse range of voices and opinions. CEO Mike Lindell has been vocal about his support for free speech and has faced backlash from major retailers for his conservative beliefs.
During Monday's regular broadcast, Dupree stated that he was excited to join and be a part of a platform that supports freedom of speech. He also mentioned that he is looking forward to engaging with listeners in an open and uncensored environment. Wayne, Hutch and Jason bring a unique blend of common sense conservatism and logic to the forefront, something that has been missing for a few years now.
Along with The Wayne Dupree Show, features other popular conservative shows such as War Room Pandemic hosted by Steve Bannon and Roaring Majority Radio hosted by Kurt Schlichter. The platform also includes live chat rooms  and forums where listeners can interact and discuss current events.
But isn't just a platform for conservative voices. It welcomes all viewpoints, as long as they are respectful and adhere to the principles of free speech. In fact, the website's tagline is "Where Free Speech Lives" and its mission is to provide a space for open dialogue and debate without censorship.
This is especially important in today's political climate, where many social media platforms have been accused of silencing conservative voices. With, individuals can share their thoughts and opinions without fear of being censored or de-platformed.
In addition to providing a platform for voices that may not be heard elsewhere, also offers resources such as news articles, podcasts, and videos from a diverse range of perspectives. This allows users to not only share their own views, but also learn about different viewpoints and engage in meaningful discussions.
To ensure that the website remains a safe and respectful space for all users, has community guidelines in place. These guidelines outline what is considered acceptable behavior on the platform, including no hate speech or personal attacks. Violations of these guidelines can result in consequences such as temporary suspension or permanent banning from the site.
Despite being relatively new, has already gained a large following and continues to grow. Its commitment to free speech and open discourse has attracted many individuals who feel like their voices are not represented on other online platforms.
So whether you consider yourself conservative or not, is a place for everyone to share their thoughts and engage in meaningful discussions. The platform encourages civil discourse and respectful disagreements, promoting the exchange of ideas and opinions without fear of censorship or persecution.
One unique aspect of is its approach to advertising. Unlike other social media sites that rely heavily on targeted ads, allows businesses to advertise through sponsorships or banner placements on the site. This ensures that users are not bombarded with intrusive advertisements and also gives companies an opportunity to support free speech while reaching their target audience.

Free speech is a cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic, as written in the Bill of Rights. It's no coincidence that countries with free speech also have a free enterprise system and freedom of religion. On the flip side, nations that suppress free speech undermine the free enterprise system and freedom of religion. We Americans value our freedom. We crave news and information that isn't filtered through the radical worldview of today's liberal media intelligentsia or deep state actors.


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