Trump Links Own Legal Issues to Navalny's Death Under Putin's Regime; Including Three Strong Takeaways from Townhall Appearance

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/21/2024
Donald Trump doubled down on remarks he made soon after Russian dissident Alexei Navalny passed away while being held captive by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a remote arctic prison by drawing a parallel between his own legal issues and the dissident's detention and death.

Responding to a question from Laura Ingraham, Trump said, "Navalny is a very sad case and he is very courageous, he was a very brave person," at a Fox News Channel town hall that was taped earlier in the day in South Carolina and broadcast on Tuesday night. "He went back, he could have remained out, and to be honest, he probably would have been better off remaining out and communicating from outside the nation rather than having to return, because people believed it might happen and it did." In addition, here are two more noteworthy town hall topics:

(1) Alexei Navalny:  "And that is a sad thing, but it is occurring in our nation, too." Trump implied that the United States is "becoming into a communist society in many respects" by citing his criminal prosecutions as proof. "My involvement in politics led to my four separate indictments. They filed an absurd indictment against me," he said. He also spoke about the recent civil fraud trial he lost. He said, "It is a kind of Navalny." "It is a fascist and communist shape." He made no mention of Putin.

(2) GOP Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley: "You are not supposed to lose your home state," Trump remarked of Haley, four days before the GOP presidential primary in South Carolina, where the former two-term governor of the state is lagging him in the polls. In any case, that should not happen, and she is really losing it." He reiterated that he has ruled out Haley as a potential running partner. Trump went on, "I do not believe she knows how to get out" of the campaign. "She just can not motivate herself to go."

(3) President Joe Biden: Trump expressed doubts that the president would engage in a discussion with him. When asked whether he would debate Biden, he said, "I would do it right now on your program," in response to Ingraham's question. I will give him a challenge immediately." "I believe you have a responsibility in this circumstance, you truly have an obligation to debate," he added, adding that he would "accept anyone" in the role of debate moderator. as many times as required. I could start doing it right now." As for whether he will take part in any debates, Biden has not said.


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