Truck Drivers Allegedly Will Boycott NYC Over Trump's $350 Million Penalty

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/19/2024
In an effort to express their displeasure with the civil fraud ruling that penalized former president Donald Trump more than $350 million, truck drivers who support him have said that they would not be traveling to New York City.

Judge Arthur Engoron declared on February 16 that Mr. Trump, his two sons, partners of the Trump Organization, and Trump properties were all responsible for tens of millions of dollars. In addition to being sentenced to pay more than $350 million plus interest, Mr. Trump, his businesses, and his trust were also compelled to pay around $4 million to his sons. It seems that a large number of truck drivers nationwide disagree with the decision.

Following the decision, a guy using by the online handle Chicago Ray uploaded a video to X with the caption, "I have been on the radio talking to drivers for about the last hour and I have spoken to around 10 drivers." Truck drivers would "stop denying cargoes beginning on Monday," he continued.

He replied, "I will tell you what, go f*** around and find out. I do not know how far across the nation this is or how many truckers are going to start rejecting loads coming to New York City."

Wearing a headgear with the Trump logo, he went on, "We are tired of you f***ing liberals f***ing with Trump." "It will not matter to our superiors if we refuse the workload. Okay, let us just go somewhere else. You you aware of how very difficult it is to enter New York City in one of these [vehicles]?

"Truckers out for Trump," he said, and then quoted a passage from the president, labeling the decision as "election meddling."

There seems to be some interest in the video. On X, the topic "Boycott NYC" was trending as of Sunday morning, with almost 13,000 postings addressing it.

It is uncertain whether the boycott will come to pass. However, Chicago Ray is not the only one who has expressed disapproval of the civil fraud decision.

Rich real estate mogul Grant Cardone's wife, Elena, set up a GoFundMe campaign with the title "Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment." "100% of donations will be given to Trump Org for his defense of this ludicrous verdict," her husband said on X.

"In the face of what I see to be unprecedented and unjust treatment by some judicial forces in New York," she wrote on the website, reaffirming her support for President Donald Trump.

The campaign has raised almost $240,000 since Ms. Cardone started it. The intense response to the civil fraud ruling may be a sign of how the United States will react to the resolution of the continuing legal battles that Mr. Trump is involved in both federal and state courts.


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