GoFundMe Stands Firm: Trump Fundraiser Survives Fraud Verdict Backlash

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/21/2024
In the wake of a civil fraud verdict, GoFundMe has made clear where it stands on a fundraising website created to promote Donald Trump. Despite social media backlash, the crowdfunding site verified to Newsweek that the fundraising, which was started in response to Judge Arthur Engoron's ruling requiring Trump to pay over $355 million for fraudulent acts, conforms with its terms of service.

In a Friday ruling, it was determined that Trump and other Trump Organization officials had inflated their assets in order to get better terms from banks and insurance companies. Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, filed a lawsuit. The original claim was for $250 million in damages, but it was eventually reduced to $370 million plus interest. With New York’s 9 percent interest rate on damages, James underlined that the entire judgment surpasses $450 million, which will continue to climb everyday until full payment is completed.

Elena Cardone, the businessman Grant Cardone's husband, created the contentious GoFundMe campaign "Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment" in reaction to the fraud verdict. The page has received almost $414,000 in contributions as of the morning of February 19.

On X (previously Twitter), questions were raised over the fundraiser's adherence to GoFundMe's policies prohibiting the collection of money for those who have been found guilty of crimes. One user questioned the platform's restrictions, asking, "Hey @gofundme, is not it against your rules to raise money for criminals?" Others said the campaign went against the rules that forbade making money off of illegal activity.

Jalen Drummond, the head of public relations at GoFundMe, reportedly told Newsweek that "this fundraising is now within our rules of service." This declaration coincides with conversations about the moral and legal consequences of the fundraising. Former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi described the endeavor as a component of a “financial mirage” and perhaps fraudulent in nature, implying that it may be subject to legal disputes or criminal charges.

Following the decision, Trump attacked Judge Engoron and Attorney General James on Truth Social, calling them dishonest and pledging to file an appeal against what he saw as an assault with political motivations. James hailed the ruling as a major win for X and emphasized that "no one is above the law," even President Trump.

This case highlights GoFundMe's involvement in such high-profile cases and the continuing discussion over responsibility and the legal limits of fundraising for those facing legal repercussions.


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