Trump Secures Decisive Victory in South Carolina as AP Declares Win on Haley's Home Turf

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/24/2024
With ease, the former president Trump won the South Carolina primary, handily defeating former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in her home state. At 7 p.m., when polls throughout the state closed, the AP declared Trump the victor.

Based on an examination of AP VoteCast, a thorough poll of Republican South Carolina primary voters, the AP made its race call. The poll supports pre-election day polling that showed Trump leading Haley by a significant margin throughout the state.

In very lopsided races like Saturday's primaries, declaring a victor as the polls close based on the findings of AP's VoteCast survey—and before election officials officially share tallied votes—is not unprecedented.

According to VoteCast figures, Trump has prevailed in every election where he has been on the ballot so far on a par with his prior triumphs. He is winning by enormous margins across the whole state of South Carolina, from the Low Country on the Atlantic coast to the Upcountry in the north.

According to the poll, Trump has significant advantages over other candidates in the Republican primary throughout the political geography of the state. He is leading from places that lean substantially Republican in general elections to those that lean heavily Democratic, and all points in between. Voters with postgraduate degrees gave Haley the most support, according to VoteCast, but they make up a tiny portion of the population overall.

Haley's best chance of winning rested on continuing to compete in historically Republican regions while putting up great numbers in those that lean Democratic.

Several of the counties where Haley did the best in her 2010 state GOP primary were those that typically vote Democrats in general elections. However, Haley's performance on VoteCast is nothing close to what is required for her to pull off an upset. After counting every vote, Trump may almost double the 33% he got in his 2016 South Carolina win against a considerably more formidable six-candidate field.


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