Trump Takes on the Washington Swamp: Bold Promises and Unapologetic Patriotism

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/11/2024
On Saturday, President Donald Trump invaded the Washington swamp by traveling to South Carolina, where he addressed an enthralled audience of supporters with a series of audacious statements and promises. While criticizing his rivals for being “good for China,” he made it clear that he was only good for the United States of America.

During a "Get Out the Vote" event in Conway, the president made comments at Coastal Carolina University.

He devoted most of his time to disparaging his opponents in the establishment, calling Joe Biden a "mental basket case" who was bought and paid for by China. Additionally, he attacked former governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley for her affiliation with "Wall Street and the war machine."

Reminding voters that "on the amnesty measure she stood with Joe Biden and I sided with the PEOPLE of the United States of America," he said Haley was "not beating Biden" in the polls.

In the most current GOP primary tracker from Morning Consult, where Haley is lagging him by an unprecedented margin, Trump referenced his commanding polling statistics.

Given that we are the only ones who can stop Joe Biden and his goons, it makes sense why they are so determined to stop us. He clarified, "That is why they are using law enforcement as a tool for the very serious goal of meddling in elections, which is against the law.

"Joe Biden and the extremists who control him are the TRUE danger to democracy. The only reason for all of this persecution is how much of a lead we have in the polls. They love to speak about democracy, but they are the ones who are weaponizing our voting systems, the DOJ, the FBI, local district attorneys, and so on. I get a subpoena the following day if I fly over a blue state with my jet. They want to silence me, but I will not let them silence you," Trump said.


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