Tucker Carlson's Interview with Putin: Potential EU Bans Looming, Says Newsweek

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/07/2024
Newsweek stated on Wednesday that American journalist Tucker Carlson, who had an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, may face bans from entering the EU, citing two current and one former MEP.

The former Fox News anchor said on Wednesday that he had spoken with the Russian president when he was in Moscow. Elon Musk, the owner of X (previously Twitter), has promised that the interview would not be edited, and it will be released there, according to Carlson.

Guy Verhofstadt, a member of the European Parliament and a former prime minister of Belgium, has previously demanded that Carlson be barred from the union. 

According to Verhofstadt, Newsweek quoted him as saying, "It seems natural that the External Action Service consider his case as well, since Putin is a war criminal and the EU punishes anyone who aid him in that attempt." In charge of the bloc's foreign policy, the EAS has the authority to propose penalties, but the European Council must first accept them.

The two things that have made Verhofstadt most famous are his role as the EU's lead Brexit negotiator and his advocacy of the concept that the organization should become a "empire." But he is not the only one calling for Carlson to be banned.

Former Spanish MEP Luis Garicano told Newsweek that the journalist "is no longer a newsman, but a propagandist for the most terrible tyranny on European soil." The former student of the London School of Economics is now a professor at two US colleges.

Estonian MEP Urmas Paet misrepresented the accusations made against the Russian president by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to the source, saying, "Carlson wants to offer a platform to someone accused of crimes of genocide — this is terrible." Moscow has dismissed the lawsuit, citing political motivations.

Therefore, if you spread such propaganda for a criminal government, you may find yourself on the penalty list. The travel restriction to EU nations is the main issue here, Paet, the former foreign minister of the Baltic state, said.

Tuesday, Carlson announced his interview, saying, "We are not here because we admire Vladimir Putin." We love the US and want it to be affluent and free, which is why we are here.

English-language media has deceived to Americans about "history-altering events" resulting from the situation in Ukraine, mostly via omission, Carlson said. That is incorrect. The right to know as much as possible about a conflict in which they are involved belongs to Americans. Despite maintaining they are not actively participating, the US and its EU allies have provided Kiev with more over $200 billion in financial and military support since the crisis erupted in 2022. 


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