Journalistic Obligation and Love for the US: Tucker Carlson's Stand on Interviewing Putin

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/06/2024
Tucker Carlson says he would interview Putin out of journalistic obligation and love for the US. “Our task. Our field is journalism. Our job is to inform," Carlson stated in an X video. Most Americans are unaware of a conflict that is changing the globe after two years. It is unclear what is occurring in this area.

Carlson said the legacy media has portrayed Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelensky as victims and Putin as the aggressor since the crisis began, despite Americans paying for it. He said that no one in the West knows why Putin launched an invasion that killed hundreds of thousands, changed global military and commercial relationships, and upended the post-World War II economic system.

The majority of the globe comprehends this precisely. Ask anybody in Asia or the Middle East about the future, he said. English-speaking nations' populations appear mainly clueless.

He said, “Their media channels are corrupt.” “They lie to their readers and viewers, often by omission.”

“Pep sessions” to rally Americans and Westerners behind Zelensky and Ukraine have dominated war coverage, but Western journalists have not interviewed Putin. Carlson stated.

"Americans have the right to know everything they can about a conflict they are involved in, and we can tell them because we are Americans," he added.

Carlson's soon-to-be-released interview with Putin seems to be his second effort to meet with the Russian leader.

“Almost three years ago, the Biden administration unlawfully spied on our text communications and released the material to their subordinates in the news media,” Carlson stated. They stopped a Putin interview we were planned.

He said, “Last month, we’re quite positive they did precisely the same thing again.”

This time, Carlson and his crew went to Moscow because the public deserves it, he added. Not because we adore Vladimir Putin. We love America and want it to be successful and free, Carlson added. We self-funded this vacation. No government or entity funded the interview, and we are not charging for it.”

Carlson said that he wanted his viewers to see the conversation, not agree “wholeheartedly with Putin.” He said, “You should know as much as you can. “You may decide for yourself as a free citizen, not a slave.”


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