Schumer Claims Zelensky: "Ukraine Needs US Military Support to Beat Russia"

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/24/2024
US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has alleged that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky informed visiting American senators that Kiev can only “beat Russia” with military backing from Washington and is certain to fail without US support. At the moment, Kiev is "losing the fight," the legislator said.

Speaking Friday after his meeting with Zelensky, Schumer argued for the restoration of US funding, which has virtually stopped due to opposition from Republicans in Congress. "Everyone we spoke with, starting with Zelensky, was extremely clear about this: if Ukraine receives the help, they will defeat Russia in the conflict. However, Schumer told the New York Times, "They will undoubtedly lose the fight if they do not receive the help."

Along for the ride was Democratic legislator General Aleksandr Syrsky, who had come to Lviv to meet with Zelensky, as well as Schumer, who was on his first trip to Ukraine. The NYT claims that the purpose of the trip was to enable the senators to assess Ukraine's "wartime necessities."

"We anticipate presenting compelling and particularized proof for the reason why Ukraine is, for the first time, losing the war—or, as you might say, retreating from it,” Schumer went on. This was probably a reference to Kiev's recent evacuation of the strategically important city of Avdeevka, which Russia claimed was long-served as a launching pad for Ukrainian attacks on Donetsk.

The Senate leader continued by bringing attention to Kiev's ammunition shortages and vowed to revisit the matter with US senators and push for further assistance.

Senate Republicans' strong opposition has caused the $60 billion military assistance plan for Kiev to languish, even though senators cleared it earlier this month. Speaker Mike Johnson has refused to allow the measure to get to a vote on the floor, despite GOP lawmakers' persistent demands for more border controls to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and their attempts to link the matter to increased funding for Ukraine.

After Russia began its military campaign in the neighboring state in February 2022, Washington swiftly rose to the top of Kiev's support list; but, after Ukraine's summer counteroffensive failed to retake any substantial territory, US help to Kiev tapered down. In light of the military defeats, Zelensky has said that his men are in desperate need of artillery, long-range bombs, aircraft, and other military gear. Ukrainian leaders have appealed for further help on many occasions.


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