Senator Joe Manchin Hints at Presidential Run and Surprises with Mitt Romney As A Running Mate?

During a recent event in Cleveland, Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia subtly suggested the idea of running for the presidency as a third-party candidate, without making any firm commitments.

During a breakfast event organized by the City Club of Cleveland, as part of his nationwide "listening tour," Manchin made an interesting suggestion. He mentioned that if he were to enter the race, Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah could potentially be a suitable choice for a vice-presidential running mate.

"If I were to choose a running mate at this moment, I would hypothetically consider reaching out to Mitt Romney," stated Manchin, referring to the Republican senator from Utah. Additionally, Manchin expressed openness to the idea of considering former Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, as a potential vice-presidential candidate. "Rob is a close friend of mine," Manchin stated. "What an admirable individual."

During the forum moderated by City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop, Manchin adeptly addressed questions about his political ambitions for 2024. He expressed his reservations about President Joe Biden's administration without explicitly stating his intention to run for president.

Although initially avoiding direct questions about his potential candidacy, Manchin eventually acknowledged to reporters, including one from NBC News, that he is considering a White House bid. He mentioned that he is open to all possibilities, including the option of running as a third-party candidate. He highlighted the importance of "Super Tuesday" on March 5 as a crucial moment for determining his political path.

Adding to the speculation, Manchin's daughter has launched a group called Americans Together, potentially laying the groundwork for his future political pursuits. The comments and actions have garnered significant attention as they coincide with Manchin's ongoing tour, which has included recent engagements in Columbus, Ohio, and an upcoming speech at the Detroit Economic Club, closely aligned with Michigan's Democratic presidential primary.

Manchin's recent comments have sparked curiosity about his potential presidential ambitions and his willingness to work with members of other parties. As a result, the political world is eagerly watching to see what his next steps will be.


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