Tony Bobulinski Hints At Justice Department Playing Cupid For Hunter Biden

It's not exactly surprising to learn from Tony Bobulinski's congressional testimony that Joe Biden was actually involved in Hunter Biden's influence-peddling operation for financial gain abroad. Apparently, the president was frequently present during his son's business dealings, and even Joe Biden's house received payments from his younger brother's overseas business contacts. All of this information has been gathered by House Republicans through a whole bunch of bank documents, witness accounts, and emails.

Instead, Bobulinski - a former colleague of Hunter Biden's who has been working for over four years to expose the family company as a whole - confirmed that law enforcement completely disregarded him.
According to Bobulinski, he hasn't heard from the FBI again after willingly sharing his account under oath at an FBI field office three and a half years ago. He claims that neither the Justice Department in general nor the CIA in particular have been in touch with him. The most shocking part is that Bobulinski hasn't heard from David Weiss, the special counsel assigned to investigate Hunter Biden's possible illegal activities and its potential involvement with the president.

You might remember that the special counsel's investigation covered a lot more than just the tax and gun-related accusations that could potentially land Hunter Biden in prison.
But here's the thing: Biden is only facing consequences for those crimes because his father's DOJ tried to work out a cozy plea deal to shield him from further prosecution, rather than going after the real prosecutorial gold mine. I'm talking about potential corruption charges for trading access to the vice president for money from enemies of the US or acting as an unregistered foreign agent.
Weiss, the prosecutor, managed to let the clock run out on the most obvious charges under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, while giving Biden a slap on the wrist for the gun and tax offenses just before the five-year statute of limitations expired. By the way, the statute of limitations for crimes related to failing to register as a foreign agent is also five years.

Back in 2017, almost seven years ago, Biden made that now-famous deal with the Chinese energy firm CEFC. But get this, Bobulinski only joined the FBI three years after the Bidens got a little over $5 million from the CEFC arrangement. You'd think Weiss could've followed up on some leads or maybe looked into a possible FARA case against Biden, right? Well, turns out Weiss and the other federal law enforcement folks decided not to. Even though the president claims he had no clue about Hunter's activities, it's pretty clear that the other executive branch members under his watch didn't bother investigating it any further. Honestly, it seems like the cover-up and the intentional incompetence of federal law enforcement were worse than the actual crimes. Crazy, right?


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