Does Comer Have The Legit Goods To Finally Nail Joe Biden Or Is This A Awkward Pipe Dream?

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) seems to be realizing that maybe he has nothing after more than a year of looking into possible misconduct by President Joe Biden. Perhaps he has been aware of his lack of anything for a while and did not give a damn. Comer has earned a significant sum of money for his candidacy after making more than 200 appearances on Fox News in 2023. Who knows? Maybe the elderly senator who now holds the Kentucky U.S. Senate seat is not well-liked in the MAGA community.

In November 2022, with Republicans about to retake the House of Representatives, Comer informed Fox News that the Oversight Committee's first priority under his impending leadership would be looking into Hunter Biden's foreign business endeavors. Comer went on to make audacious allegations in the months that followed, claiming that Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe as vice president from Burisma, the energy business his son was on the board of. That allegation was supported by data provided by Alexander Smirnov, an ex-FBI informant who was charged with lying about the bribery accusation. The Department of Justice claims that Smirnov's material was spread by "officials linked with Russian intelligence."
Hunter Biden, a true failure whose main gift is an all-too-familiar hustle for incompetent D.C. scions—profiting off the family name—was a wonderful target for Comer. Dealing with dubious characters overseas did neither Hunter Biden nor his father any favors. However, if Democrats were feeling very naughty, a year-long probe of Jared Kushner's $2 billion windfall from the Saudi crown prince immediately after he left the White House would probably unearth even more nefarious details that would make Hunter Biden blush.

During his appearance on Hannity on Friday, Comer was limited to promoting a $40,000 check that Joe Biden got from his brother James Biden. This amount roughly corresponds to the cost of one year's out-of-state tuition at the University of Delaware, which Joe attended. Not exactly the gold mine that a dishonest politician is hoping to find. According to Comer, Hunter Biden put pressure on a Chinese energy corporation to refund the money, which the Bidens claim was a loan payback. Here, Philip Bump of the Washington Post, who has relentlessly chronicled Comer's blatant dishonesty throughout this whole vile event, provides a brief summary of the issue with Comer's portrayal of this element of his investigation—as well as his many other baseless accusations.

Comer spoke on his committee's decision to make public the transcript of Hunter Biden's Wednesday deposition. Despite the many explosive accusations made against Hunter Biden by Comer and congressional Republicans, they were unable to find any evidence to support their assertions against the president's son. The Kentucky legislator, who has been vocal about Joe Biden's alleged wrongdoing, was left with little choice but to accuse the younger Biden of lying under oath during his deposition, which was a bogus complaint to Sean Hannity.

Remarkably, Comer informed Hannity that the committee has already spoken with witnesses like Hunter Biden, and that public hearings are the only remaining options. The intention? To let "everyone" choose whether or not Hunter Biden is telling the truth, maybe file some criminal complaints, and — gasp! — reveal the purported "deep state" corruption that obstructed Comer's investigation:

Our current goal is to go on to the next stage, have a public hearing, invite all relevant parties, and let everyone to see everyone's side of the argument before reaching a decision. Ultimately, however, we will make an effort to hold this family responsible. We want to pursue recommendations. We will endeavor to identify the deep state individuals involved in the cover-up since, as you may recall, there was a cover-up by them in addition to the financial crimes committed by Biden. Our goal is to make everyone answerable. We are attempting to conclude this. Furthermore, I believe that the transcripted interview with Jim Biden and the deposition with Hunter Biden were both enormous triumphs.

These are hardly the remarks of someone who is certain that he has discovered illegal activity. They give off the impression of someone who is well aware that he did not prove enough to warrant the House's further investigation into Joe Biden's impeachment, much alone his removal. It is still a possibility since Republicans have a very low threshold for impeaching the president. However, the reality is that Comer has failed so miserably that whatever last shred of dignity held by House Republicans may be sufficient to put a permanent halt to the impeachment discussions.


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