'No President Above the Law'; Haley Argues SCOTUS Should Swiftly Deny Trump Immunity

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2024
Republican nominee for president Nikki Haley said on CNN on Friday that the Supreme Court ought to dismiss Donald Trump, her former employer and current political opponent,'s request for protection from prosecution for his presidential acts right away.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled against Trump in this case; the Supreme Court decided earlier this week to hear his appeal and rule by the end of the term. This decision has drawn criticism from left-leaning pundits who claim it is a political favor to the former President. A decision on Trump's immunity will be necessary before Special Counsel Jack Smith's case against him for suspected criminal actions committed during his attempt to revoke the 2020 election results can go forward.

Haley commended the Court on CNN for responding to the query and recommended that it rule against Trump right away.

"This implies that there is a strong likelihood that the trial, should it proceed, will not take place until just before, during, or maybe even after the election,” said anchor Dana Bash.

She questioned Haley, "Should the Supreme Court hurry this?"

We do want to look at immunity, therefore I believe the Supreme Court should consider the case. There should never be a president above the law. Additionally, the candidate said, "I believe it is vital for the Supreme Court to explain since we have never really had to do so previously." "Should we prefer that things move more quickly? Naturally, we would. However, do you really believe that the attorneys and courts will allow it to occur? I am simply relieved that people are hearing it, but I suppose it might take some time. In my opinion, it is crucial.

Bash followed up with, "Is it vital for voters to know how this trial and others finish up before they go to the polls?"

"Obviously, naturally. You know, you want people to know as much as possible about the candidates they are choosing to vote for president before they cast their ballots, Haley said. That is the part that we should all aspire to have, you know. Although I am not sure whether we will have such clarity, I believe voters would prefer it.


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