Haley Claims She Free from RNC Pledge to Support Nominee

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/03/2024
The Republican National Committee's (RNC) vow to back the party's ultimate candidate does not, according to former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, feel binding.

When Haley appeared on "Meet the Press," NBC's Kristen Welker questioned her about if she still felt she had to uphold her RNC vow to back the party's candidate from the previous year. One of the prerequisites for candidates to get to the debate stage was the promise.

"I have often expressed my grave worries over Donald Trump. Haley's first response was, "I have even more concerns about Joe Biden."

Haley said that she just accepted the commitment to get on the debate stage when asked whether she felt further obligated by it.

"The RNC pledge—I mean, we had to get to the point where we had to ask, 'Would you support the nominee?' and you had to answer in the affirmative in order to get to the debate stage. She said, "The RNC is no longer the same RNC," to which Welker pressed her more on the subject.

"No, I believe I will decide what I want to decide." However, I am not thinking about it," she informed Welker.

As you all consider that, I believe that we have thousands of people in Virginia, that we are traveling to North Carolina, that we will continue to go to Vermont, Maine, and all these places in order to demonstrate to people that there is hope. So, I do not consider what may happen. "I consider how we can carry on the conversation," she said.

Trump is widening his lead in the campaign, while Haley has failed to win any of the early primary races. Decision Desk HQ reports that Trump has already secured 192 delegates, while Haley is far behind with only 24 delegates.

Only a few days before Super Tuesday, Haley also promised in a previous interview to continue running "as long as we are competitive."


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