Kim Kardashian Unhappy with Kanye West's Social Media Venting about Family Issues

Kim Kardashian apparently finds it annoying that Kanye West uses social media to discuss their problems. As to a recent TMZ report, Kim believes that Ye's latest Instagram post might be detrimental to their kids.

Kim is not happy with the way he handled the matter, according to several of the people the news outlet talked with. "Kim Take My Kids Out Of Sierra Canyon Now It is A Fake School For Celebrities That Are Used By 'The System,'" Kanye said on Instagram, as we previously reported. "At this point, everyone understands what "the system" is code for 👀," he wrote as a caption for the photo. The system took me away from my dad and also took me away from my kids. Because they are more difficult to control, the system avoids dealing with athletes who have their father in their lives when it picks players. My eldest two are aware of their father.

The only way Kanye has protested the school the children have attended since preschool is by assigning them to unaccredited teachers and his own unaccredited Donda school, which has been the subject of numerous lawsuits, an insider close to the situation told TMZ. According to another source, Kim is "frustrated with his continual public assaults and naming of the school since it generates security and safety issues for their children every single time."

Ye has previously made public comments about his children's education, which prompted Kim, 43, to increase security back in 2022. After a series of public outbursts by her ex-husband at the time, the reality TV star allegedly decided to upgrade security for her kids' school.

Ye revealed the name of his children's school during a previous emotional breakdown, which prompted Kim to set aside extra money for security as a safety precaution. TMZ said that rather than seeing the rapper as a direct threat, the founder of SKIMS made the decision because of "fear that someone may read his words against the institution and come up on campus."

Ye stirred more controversy that year when he shared a text message discussion with Kim concerning studying. The reality star begged him to "please stop" throughout the discussion, but Ye seemed unfazed and said, "No." We must speak face-to-face. You have no control over the children's schooling. Why you are granted permission to speak so. because you are partially white?

The "kids [are] going to Donda," he said in a later post. In a third, he lost it and yelled, "It is not up to Calabasas or Hulu where my kids go to school." Here, I am not the insane one. It has ended. Whatever it takes legally, I will not give up until I have a voice in my children's life.


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