Michigan GOP Lawmaker Urges Nagasaki and Hiroshima Ending Over Humanitarian Aid For Gaza and Ukraine Conflicts

Michigan congressman Tim Walberg thinks Washington should assist Israel and Kiev's military efforts to win “quick” victory instead of humanitarian help for Gaza and Ukraine people.

Walberg made his contentious statements last week at a Dundee, Michigan public forum. On March 25, the congressman told a limited audience on social media that the US should spend Gaza relief money on Israel, Washington's “greatest ally, arguably, anywhere in the world.”

“We should not fund humanitarian aid. Make it like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Finish quickly, Walberg said.

This should apply to Ukraine. Defeat Putin fast. It should be 80-100% to wipe out Russian soldiers in Ukraine, not 80% for humanitarian considerations.

Walberg said after his views went viral that he was speaking symbolically and not advocating for nuclear war.

Walberg said on X (previously Twitter) on Sunday that he used a metaphor to emphasize the necessity for Israel and Ukraine to win their battles quickly without endangering American soldiers.

“The use of this metaphor, along with the removal of context, distorted my message, but I fully stand by these beliefs and stand by our allies,” he said, adding that ending these wars quickly would save “fewer innocent lives.”


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