Gwyneth Paltrow Sparks Conversation on Women's Empowerment: Lessons in Self-Acceptance from Black Women

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  • 03/03/2024
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is trending on social media as she begins Women's History Month by asserting that "White women have a lot to learn from Black women," including "ruthless self-acceptance."

Paltrow spoke with Dr. Ella Bell on Thursday, February 29, at The MAKERS Conference in Beverly Hills, California. The CEO and creator of Goop commended her Black female friends for their "incredible intrinsic self-honoring." As she put it, "It is like from the tips of their fingers to the deepest part of their souls."

"My Black women friends know themselves, love themselves, in a way that I think White women are not taught to," said the 51-year-old Oscar winner. White women are, in my opinion, trained to be competitive, envious, and to stare over one other's shoulders. This is something I have worked so hard to try to dispel since I do not think women should compete with one another.

"And, at least in my circle of Black women, they do not do that," Gwyneth Paltrow went on. There is instant safety, admiration, and acceptance. Black women teach White women a lot of valuable lessons.

"I have learned so much about ruthless self-acceptance and full love of self from my Black friends," the woman said. Furthermore, I believe that there is much for us White women in our society to learn from our Black sisters' self-respect. Furthermore, I am not really clear where that originates.

Paltrow responded, "I can ask you that question," in response to Bell. In fact, I would want to know why you believe that African American women possess that quality—you described it as an intricately beautiful collective connection—and how White women may begin to foster that quality inside themselves and in their own friendships.

"I can turn to the Black women in this room when I need lifting up," Bell retorted. That is crucial to us. Furthermore, I doubt White women possess it. "Keeping White women at odds with each other, in competition with one another, keeps the patriarchy strong," Paltrow said.

She went on, "Therefore, it is truly up to us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, to create connections, and to realize that no one is going to receive more. Someone is going to receive more, so you do not have to take less.

Paltrow continued the discussion by stating that she and her Goop coworkers "want to give women access to great things" and that they think "women should rule the world." "I think it really stems from a place of love for women and wanting to connect with them and be that girlfriend, be that resource," the woman said. And I keep returning to that, which applies to all women. This includes ladies of many races, including Asian, Indian, and White. Our group is an example of it.


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