Prominent Social Media Influencer Arrested for Jan 6 Capitol Disturbance Allegations

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/19/2024
According to court documents, a conservative social media influencer was taken into custody on Friday after being accused of many offenses pertaining to her involvement in the Capitol disturbances on January 6. The 24-year-old Isabella Maria Deluca promotes conservative political stuff on Instagram and has over 125,000 followers on X.

FBI agents questioned DeLuca's mother after receiving an internet tip, and she acknowledged that her daughter had been at the Capitol Building on January 6, according to court filings. Upon examining DeLuca's Instagram account, detectives discovered images, videos, and messages taken both inside and outside the Capitol.

According to court filings, DeLuca briefly entered the Senate side of the Capitol via a smashed window before helping other rioters move a table outdoors into the throng. According to investigators, protesters attacked law enforcement guarding the Lower Terrace Tunnel—the scene of the worst altercation between police and rioters—using pieces of the shattered table.

DeLuca said that the riots were appropriate because "it is our house" in the days after the incident. She then went on to detail how she shielded herself from tear gas and mace burns.

I visited on January 6. Investigators say she wrote, "I have mixed feelings," on January 14, 2021. People flocked to the Capitol building since it is Our House and where we file complaints. Like me, many believe that they were cheated out of an election and that it was tolerated.

She sent a message a week later indicating that, in order for the former president Trump to remain in power, she would support the declaration of martial rule.

She stated, "It appears from the notes that he supports martial law." "If Trump declares martial rule in seven states, his campaign associates may seize control of the state's voting machines and manipulate the results to their advantage. it would be perfect.

The charges against her included trespassing, unruly behavior, and theft of government property.

In reaction to the announcement of her detention, DeLuca shared a verse from the Bible on her X account on Tuesday.

She commented, "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?" and included a donation link.

According to the Department of Justice, about 1,350 persons have been detained on suspicion of crimes connected to the Capitol disturbances; around 500 of the accusations include attacking police officers.


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