Watch Biden Tell Pennsylvania Crowd To Freedom Over Democracy

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/21/2024
It is the latest in a long line of mistakes that US President Joe Biden has made when he tells his fans to choose "freedom over democracy." Conservative experts saw the event as more proof that the 81-year-old is not fit to be president.

Biden asked people at a campaign gathering in Pennsylvania on Thursday if they would vote for him over former President Donald Trump in November's election. He did this by using a lot of buzzwords.

"Are you ready to reunite instead of split?" Dignity over tearing down? Which is better: truth or lies? Are you ready to pick freedom over democracy? He yelled, "Because that is America!" 
Critics and right journalists laughed at Biden's "freedom over democracy" line, while the crowd laughed and cheered. 

"This was nothing like what people were worried about when Ronald Reagan was getting close to the end of his second term," the Conservative Brief wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "Truly look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if this is the man you want to lead our country, our economy, and our safety for another four years."

People made fun of Biden when he said in a 2019 campaign speech, "We choose unity over division." He has a history of making similar mistakes. We pick facts over stories. The truth is more important to us than facts." 

Republicans say that Biden's mental abilities are getting worse and that this has gotten worse faster during his three years in the White House. It helps their case that there is video of the president holding hands with made-up people, getting lost in public, and telling reporters that he just met with long-dead world leaders.

In February, US Justice Department lawyer Robert Hur decided not to charge Biden with mishandling secret papers. In a report, he said that the president had severe memory loss and lacked the "mental state of willfulness" needed to commit a crime.

Six out of ten American people polled by the Associated Press last month said they did not think Biden was smart enough to be president.


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