CIA Warns: Iran To Attack Israel In Retaliation Of Damascus Consulate Attack - Latest Updates

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  • 04/04/2024
Reports say that the CIA told Israel that Iran will attack in 48 hours. This week, Israel attacked Tehran's consulate in Damascus, the city of Syria, and killed two military leaders.

Iran said it would get back at those who attacked, and now news outlets around the world say that US intelligence is worried about an attack on Israel.

Al Mayadeen says that Iran is planning an attack that will use a "rain" of drones and rockets fired from its sites at key points inside Israel.

This comes after US officials said they were worried that the Israeli attack could start a bigger war in the Middle East.

Ralph Goff, a former top CIA official who worked in the Middle East, called Israel's attack "reckless" and said it would only lead to more trouble between Israel and Iran and its allies.

According to the New York Times, he also said that Israel is trying to hit the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to "punish them for ongoing plots to kill or kidnap Israeli Jews around the world."

Four-star general Kenneth F. McKenzie, who used to be head of US Central Command, said the attack was a "blow" for Iran. Besides that, he said, "Iran has very few ways to attack Israel" and "the Israelis will not give up."


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