Serious Accusations: Former Yeezy Employee Claims Kanye West Favored White Employees Over Black Employees

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  • 04/03/2024
Trevor Phillips, who used to work at Yeezy and Donda Academy, has made serious accusations against Kanye West. Phillips says West wanted to build a jail at his school to lock up students, threatened to hurt him physically, and treated Black employees unfairly while favoring white employees, according to a new lawsuit that Rolling Stone obtained.

This new suit, which was filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday, adds to the 42-page lawsuits made by other former workers against the 46-year-old. It talks about Phillips's time working for the controversial artist. It talks about West's sudden firings, late-night meetings at Nobu, strange habits like watching movies on mute, and awkward situations where he behaved inappropriately.

Phillips, who is black, says that West treated black workers badly more often than white employees, which is different from how he treated white employees. The case also talks about West's controversial comments, such as the threats he made against the LGBTQ+ community and the upsetting things he said while Donda Academy kids were there.

Phillips also talks about times when he fought back against West's racist behavior and was met with threats of violence and abuse in return. The case shows that West's rude behavior and unpredictable demands made the workplace very unstable.

Phillips talks about those events and remembers a Nobu meeting in 2022 where Ye reportedly went on and on about how great Hitler was, how fake the Holocaust was, and how "gay people are not true Christians." The claim says that Phillip remembered Ye lying flat on his bed and making "slow up and down motions with his hand just above his genitalia as though he was masturbating" while talking about his sex life. This happened during another incident of misbehavior. The rapper then called a woman on FaceTime and told her to put on the shoes and underwear he bought for her.

"I immediately recognized the woman's name because, just a few weeks earlier, while at the Yeezy headquarters, Kanye had shown many of the Yeezy staff members naked pictures of her," Phillips said.

Besides that, Phillips talked in great depth about the difficult times he had while working at the school. The claim says that Ye used some "dangerous rhetoric" in front of children at Donda Academy. Two kids say he told them he wanted them to "shave their heads" and that he was going to build a jail at the school. His words may have also included threats of putting them in "cages." The claim that Rolling Stone got says that when Phillips tried to talk about these problems, the artist "responded mercilessly, with incessant harassment, humiliation, and attempts to both mentally control and destroy Phillips."

The case from Shegerian & Associates says that Kanye's dislike for the plaintiff led to a rude beating in front of kids and their parents. Kanye even made physical threats against Phillips.

Despite being told a certain hourly rate, Phillips, who was hired in November 2022 to work for the fashion line Yeezy, says he was underpaid and had to wait a long time to get paid because of problems with the company's finances. He took on more tasks at Yeezy and now has to handle projects for the school and neighborhood groups, which made his job more difficult.

He is now suing for at least $35,000 in damages for what he calls revenge for blowing the whistle, racial discrimination, and making the workplace toxic, among other things.


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