Man Sues 50 Women for $2.6 Million Over "Bad Date" Claims: Legal Battle Unfolds

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  • 04/14/2024
After fifty women referred to him as a "bad date" on a Facebook group devoted to dating experiences, a guy from California filed a $2.6 million lawsuit against them. Stewart Lucas Murrey filed lawsuits against them, according to the New York Post, alleging that they had written disparaging remarks about him on the Facebook page "Are We Dating The Same Guy?"

On the Los Angeles group page, Kelly Gibbons—who met Mr. Murrey via a dating app—wrote that she was disrespectful to him on their first phone date in February 2022 and advised the 10,000 other women in the chapter to stay away from him. ''I would not want [her] buddy to get out with someone like that,'' she said. Subsequent to their dates with him, other ladies also wrote about their encounters.

Ms. Gibbons was named as the primary defendant in litigation Mr. Murrey filed against them after the postings went public. In addition to saying he is accused of murder or is connected to a murder investigation, Mr. Murrey said the ladies had posted a number of lies about him, including the fact that he is facing many accusations of domestic abuse. His assertion was that the Facebook postings caused him to lose out on millions of dollars in potential jobs, destroy his love life, and harm his reputation.

He gained sympathy from other males and even set up a GoFundMe page for his cause. He stated on the website, "They posted my pictures without my consent, tracked me down, planned to harass me, made up stories about me, and sensationalized their ordinary interactions with me, among other acts."

The ladies replied that they are asking the courts to take stern action against him because they believe he is intimidating them with legal action.

One lady, Vanessa Valdez, was found by a court to have done nothing illegal in discussing her thoughts with the group. The ladies are hoping that by making this ruling, the court will establish a precedent that will stop Mr. Murrey and other individuals like him from victimizing them in court in the future.

In an attempt to gather funds for self-defense, they have also started a GoFundMe page.

"We were just getting together to share real accounts of our personal experiences," the ladies said on their GoFundMe page. This lawsuit, in our judgment, represents a real threat to Los Angeles's female population. It has taken years for us to have bad contacts with him. Our intention is to permanently terminate his pestering behavior.


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