Severe Weather Alert: Millions in Midwest & Southern Plains at Risk!

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  • 04/15/2024
From Monday through Wednesday, a significant area of the Midwest and Southern Plains, including Nebraska, might see severe weather that could affect almost 50 million inhabitants of the United States.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) of the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a high risk (level 3/5) of severe thunderstorms over a significant area of Kansas and Nebraska on Monday. Additionally, there was a probability of severe weather in coastal Virginia.

On Sunday night, a series of strong thunderstorms damaged parts of Pennsylvania. Though April normally marks the start of the severe weather season in parts of the United States, this was an early line of storms for one so far north and east and so disastrous.

The NWS warned that thunderstorms might bring "very large hail, damaging winds, and a few tornadoes" to the Plains and some parts of the Mid-Atlantic coast during a forecast discussion on Monday morning.

Though it does not garner the same attention as tornadoes, large hail may cause major financial losses owing to damage to automobiles, houses, and crops. In the US, these losses were quite substantial the previous year.

The SPC issued a forecast on Monday afternoon that showers and thunderstorms will continue to spread throughout the Great Plains and that the severe weather danger would persist on Monday night, "when scattered to severe thunderstorms are likely to initiate across the Southern to Central Great Plains."

According to the NWS, this increases the likelihood of severe storms in western Oklahoma and some parts of northwest Texas "due in part to the threat of large to very large hail, damaging wind gusts, and a few tornadoes."

According to the NWS, "scattered severe thunderstorms are likely across parts of the Great Plains, starting primarily this evening and continuing overnight." It seems conceivable that there may be many tornadoes, big to extremely large hail, and destructive wind gusts. This tonight, there is a chance of strong tornadoes in many areas of Kansas and Nebraska. There is a chance of isolated, strong gusts this afternoon and into the evening across parts of Virginia.

Additionally, there was a minor danger (level 2/5) across the Great Plains.

With showers and thunderstorms predicted to move into the Mississippi Valley as part of the warm sector of a deep Great Plains storm, Tuesday is predicted to bring with it a change in the direction of severe weather chances.

Over the Plains and the Midwest on Monday and Tuesday, extremely high air temperatures are predicted "due to a warm and humid surge moving north before an area of low pressure."

The NWS predicts that high temperatures in the 80s and possibly 90s will be commonplace across the severe weather area.

While some, but not all, of the elements for a widespread severe weather outbreak seemed to be present on Monday and Tuesday from Nebraska into Texas moving eastward with time, the SPC noted during its deliberations that the precise duration and intensity of the tornado danger in particular was uncertain.


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