Newly Released Video: Sheriff's Officers Fatally Shoot Teenage Girl in Southern California Highway Showdown

Newly released video and audio show that sheriff's officers fatally shot and killed a teenage girl who had been taken by her father while she was following their orders and looking like she was giving up during a gun fight on a Southern California highway.

Savannah Graziano, 15, was killed on September 27, 2022, as she ran toward San Bernardino County sheriff's officers. She was shot several times. Anthony Graziano, her 45-year-old father, was also shot and killed. According to public records requests from the AP and other news organizations, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department provided the audio and video clips, along with a highly produced and narrated 15-minute film.

The police would not say for months whether Savannah Graziano's father or the officers killed her, according to the AP. A voice-over in the new video says that the Grazianos "were hit by deputy rounds and died of their injuries."

The fight happened on a desert highway east of Los Angeles in Hesperia, which is about 35 miles north of Fontana. The day before, the teen's father had killed her mother, who was his divorced wife, with a gun.

The Guardian says that video shows Savannah get out of the car, crouch down, and walk toward a group of cops. On the radio, you can hear a member of the California Highway Patrol saying, "Girl is out, guys." You can find her on the passenger side.

One of the officers' belts recorded sound of him saying, "Come to me!" Do not delay; please come... Walking, walking, walking." Suddenly, he yells, "Stop!" Do not shoot her! He is driving! Stop! Everything is fine with her!" After that, at least four shots were heard,

The police department has not yet released autopsy results for the girl, her father, or her mother, Tracy Martinez. They have also not named the officers who were involved.


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