Pro-Palestine Protests Sweep College Campuses Nationwide, Leading to Arrests at New York University

Nationwide, pro-Palestine demonstrations have taken up on college campuses. According to municipal authorities, many persons were brought into jail at New York University yesterday night. They also said that police were called to the campus by university administrators. It was unclear what the number was.

When demonstrators camped out in support of the Palestinian cause on the campus of Yale University, police came and detained them. 47 students in all received summonses, according to the institution.

Amid allegations of antisemitic and abusive remarks and activities on and around its campus, Columbia University in New York City hosted virtual sessions today.

Following the occupation of Siemens Hall on the Arcata campus by demonstrators against the war in Gaza, California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt, announced that the university would remain closed until Wednesday.

One of the roughly two dozen students who established a tent camp on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Sunday night was Prahlad Iyengar, a graduate student studying electrical engineering. He claimed that they are opposing what they see as MIt is "complicity in the ongoing genocide in Gaza" and are demanding for a cease-fire.

Following a 30-hour camping protest at Columbia last week, Barnard College claims it has extended an offer to the suspended students to lift their temporary suspension.


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